Lunch Menu

Lunch is served 10.30-13.00

Full buffet 8,50 €

Main course buffet 8,00 €

Soup lunch 7,00 €

Salad buffet 6,50 €

Main course- and the soup lunch includes salad, bread, home brewed beer and a coffee/tea.

Salad buffet includes salad with 2 x “protein extras” for example salmon, chicken, cheese, bread, home brewed beer and a coffee/tea.


Monday 18.2.

Chorizo and pasta gratin

Broccoli soup

Tuesday 19.2.

Ginger and lime seasoned chicken

Black salsify soup

Wednesday 20.2.

Sweet potato-sprout-feta gratin

Bratwurst goulash

Thursday 21.2.

 Reindeer and potato casserole

Pea soup

 Friday 22.2.

We’re closed!

We´ll open a cafeteria at next Monday at 8 am.

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