Open Monday to Friday  8.00-14.30

Inside the City Hall of Hyvinkää resides our coffee shop and we welcome every townie and country folk to join us in our living room that’s meant to be a meeting point for people.

We serve delicious self made soup -and full homemade lunch everyday from 10.30 to 13.oo. In our buffet you can pick what you feel like according to the size of the hunger you have, big or small. In our vitrine you can find different kind of pastries, pies, cakes  and something small to have with a coffee – both savoury and sweet!





This cupcake is named after engineer Ossian Donner and the history of it comes from the old wool factory named Villatehdas; Colors adapt wool factory’s red and brown . We bake this cupcake from the scratch in our kitchen as it should be done considering its ambience.

This delicious cake is made of two separate layers of cake base with almond and it has fresh and sweet strawberry-orangemousse between and on top of it has the most delicious Italian style merenque and its decorated with seasonal berries. To make sure you can get this treat, make sure you order it advance at least 48 hours and the minimum is 10 pieces.


In the city hall and surrounding areas we serve our customers with meetings in different kind of meeting packages. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will send you a selection of variations we have or we tailor you one according to your needs!


Ask an offer whenever you have a reason to celebrate, big or small events, meetings or workshops. As a place  to have your parties we recommend City Hall entry that can be transformed into pretty anything you have in your mind weather its a bit bigger happening up to 200 people into a smaller intimate party for very few. Or then Rulla-kabinet that is located in Villatehdas or Studio Donner. We also set up wine tastings and we have full alcohol license in our coffee shop. We do visits into homes if you need help with different kind of parties so please just contact us and let us make you an offer you can’t pass!


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